der8auer RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket AIO Mount
Price RM158.00
Product SKU FSD8-033
Size (L x W x H) 5 cm x 3 cm x 1 cm
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With the Ryzen 3000 processor series AMD switched to a chiplet design. This means that instead of one monolithic cpu die on the package, there are now several dies under the heatspreader. Depending on the CPU, there are up to 4 CPU-dies and 1 I/O-die on the package.

The CPU-dies are manufactored on a 7 nm node, while the I/O-die ist produced in 12 nm. The chiplet design allows for better scaling of CPU cores and using a 12 nm I/O-die instead of one in 7 nm apparently helps with keeping production costs low.

But the chiplet design has at least one minor problem: cooling. On a ‘normal’ CPU the hotspot would be in the centre of the package. But since the chiplet design consists of several CPU-dies, the one hotspot is brocken up into several hotspot that are located at the corners of the package.

This means that CPU-coolers need to cover the whole heatspreader. But especially with All in One Cooler (AIO), or Closed Loop Coolers (CLC), we run into a problem. Most of these coolers have circular bottom plates that do not cover the corners of the heatspreader.

Depending on the CPU, the coolers would have to be mounted slightly higher or lower, and more to the left or right above the heatspreader. But normal AIO’s, or CLC’s, do not allow for variable mounting.

But there is a solution for this particular problem: the ‘der8auer RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts’.

der8auer RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket AIO Mount
The ‘der8auer RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket AIO Mount’ is compatible with CLC-Watercoolers and CPU-Coolers that use the ‘AMD Socket AM4 Retention Mounting Bracket’

der8auer RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Custom Mount
The ‘der8auer RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Custom Mount’ is with all AM4-compatable custom and CLC watercoolers  compatable.

RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts Compatability
The RYZEN 3000 OC Bracket Mounts are compatable with most ATX and E-ATX AM4 motherboards. We tested several X570 motherboards and created a table that you can find in the link down below (click the button). The kits are also compatable with comparable AM4 motherboards with older chipset, although we did not verify this by testing every AM4 motherboard.

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